Amazing Culture of Japan

How important is culture? Culture serves as a symbol of a nation or country. Every nation has various culture including traditions and customs or practices. Each nation preserves its culture to show the following generations about their own culture as well as traditions or practices. Some nations have ethnic groups or tribes and they really want to preserve their own customs or practices which become their culture.

Among the nations that has an amazing and wonderful culture, let us take a look at Japan’s culture and understand it.

Japanese Culture

What do  you know about Japanese culture? Japanese language, Japanese tea ceremony, Samurai, Geisha, and Kimonos are the culture in Japan. In this modern age, a new Japanese culture was created. It is called as the Japanese fashion.

Did you know that the culture of Japan was greatly influenced by the Chinese? However, you cannot fully distinguish that both culture have in common since every culture they have are purely Japanese style. You can understand it when you compare the designs of Japanese temples and Chinese temples.


One of the famous Japanese culture is samurai. They are very powerful warriors. Some of their weapons are swords, cannons, firearms, and yumi or longbow.

Japanese Language

Nihongo is the Japanese translation of Japanese Language. A lot of people throughout the world want to learn this language. It would be an interesting challenge for everyone.


They are traditional Japanese women who entertain men through songs, dance, and conversation.

Japanese Tea Ceremony

It is also known as the Way of Tea. It is the preparation and serving of Japanese green tea.

What are you waiting for? Learn these wonderful and exciting Japanese culture!